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At Glenhill Sporthorses we aim to breed top competitors in the Olympic disciplines.  Our select broodmares have been carefully chosen for the program based on bloodlines, temperament, conformation, movement, and progeny. Most of our upcoming young mares will have competition careers themselves while contributing to the program via embryo transfer. We are lucky enough to have access to the best breeding stallions in the world and together using advanced reproduction techniques we are at the forefront of modern sporthorse breeding, right here in the Southern Highlands, NSW. 



We focus on quality and bringing out the best in each individual horse. This includes selecting precise mating decisions, correct raising of youngstock, and assisting potential buyers on finding the horse that most suits their individual needs. Please contact us to help you in the search for YOUR perfect horse.

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Welcome to Glenhill! After successfully competing and training upper competition levels in the US, I moved across the world and now compete for Australia. I have set up Glenhill, a boutique training and breeding facility with my husband Scott Britnell. My international experience gives a unique advantage in breeding, having been exposed to many different programs and horses. Riding and competing many of the lines I use gives me a first hand experience of what I am producing and what to aim for in the future. 

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Mobile 0459210581

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