For Sale

Please find below a selection of top quality performance prospects available for purchase.  Contact us for pricing, terms, and conditions to find your perfect partner. The first foals of 2019 have already sold, be sure to keep an eye on the page or contact in advance if you have your eye on one of these special horses.

2020 Foals

Have scroll down to view our lovely crop of 2019 foals - they have all been sold now.

This is what we are expecting for 2020- if any are of interest be in touch as they are selling already.

1. Deniro x Heathcote Park Heiress ( His Highness). This mare was Elementary champion in Vic herself and Deniro needs no introduction!!  ⭐️ Sold in Utero ⭐️

2. Franklin x Glenhill Silhouette et ( Elite filly by Sezuan)

3. Secret x New Star NP ( Negro) et

4. Franklin x Don Schufro  et ( this is a repeat of our stunning black with white Franklin colt from 2019 ☺️)

5. Secret x Glenhill Silhouette et

6. For Romance x Don Schufro et

7. For Romance x Don Schufro et- ⭐️Sold in utero⭐️

8. Dante Weltino x New Star (Negro) et

9. Dante Weltino x New Star ( Negro) et

10. Sezuan x Glenhill Firefly ( repeat of our amazing Sezuan filly who will be out competing this year)

11. Quaterhit x Don Schufro et ( repeat of our super colt from 2019)

12. Lord Leatherdale x New Star( Negro) et-⭐️Sold in utero⭐️

13. Lord Leatherdale x New Star ( Negro) et- filly option retained

14. Franklin x Don Schufro et

15. Franklin x Don Schufro et

16. Ibiza x Negro

17. Golden West x Flirt GRP x

Franklin x Don Schufro Colt

Quaterhit x Don Schufro Colt

Dream Boy x Negro Colt

GRP Numerus Clausus x Part Welsh

Don Martillo x His Highness Colt

Wild Kard x Morchant

dark President x don schufro

secret x charmeur

Deniro x Negro

Secret x Furst Heinrich

Totilas x New Star (#2)